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LITE first (1st) Event in Liberia in collaboration
with Tabatha Act of Charity

LITE second (2nd) event was the Launching of LITE Org & Inauguration Ceremony

in San Leandro, California

Third (3rd) event was Liberia Initiative for Transformation and Enlightenment
(LITE) in collaboration with Liberian Association of Northern California (LANC)
for Liberian Independence Day Celebration and Reunion 2018

Liberia Initiative for Transformation and Enlightenment (LITE) Christmas Event

Saturday, December 15, 2018 @ 6PM

290 Broadmoor Blvd, San Leandro, CA, 94577

Help Feed 19 Orphanages/foundations for Christmas in Liberia


Liberia Initiative for Transformation and Enlightenment (LITE) organization, first project in Liberia in collaboration with Tabatha Act of Charity to empowered the youth in the 15 counties that they are the future leaders of Liberia. Leadership Seminar was held on June 9, 2018 in Gardnerville Christian Assembly. The attendants were about 70 youths. The seminar elaborates on educating the youths on leadership roles and how to lead to be success. Many of the Youth in Liberia are lost and need to know the way to a successful life. The goal of the seminar is to educate and motivating the youth about being on the right path. The president of LITE, Mr. Dahn Bohn spoke live with the youth during the Seminar and encouraged them to build a better society because the future of Liberia depend on them. View the pictures on the next page.

Launching of Liberia Initiative for Transformation and Enlightenment (LITE)

Launching of the Liberia Initiative for Transformation and Enlightenment (LITE) on July
14, 2018 in San Leandro, California and feeding of Orphanages/foundations on July 26, 2018,
Liberian Independence Day Celebration. The launching was a success. Thanks to all LITE
members, the sponsors, inaugurator, guest speaker, and all our wonderful guests. The
attendants for the event were less than 20 people and they raise $2100. Below is the breakdown of the funds.

People who give cash or check at LITE Launching

Mr. Anthony Kolaco or family $100
Mr. & Mrs. Sieh Tarpeh $200
Namyenja Association $200
Hannah Walters $50
Esther Smith family $40
Mrs. & Mr. Moses Walters Sr. $200
Walters Enterprise Inc by Mrs. & Mr. Moses Walters Sr. $200
Mrs & Mrs. Christopher Koayen $200
Muniehtaxsolutions by Mrs & Mrs Munieh B. Konuwa $100
Ma Sarah Mbawa family $60
Lovetta Tugbeh $105
Mousse Bamba $20
Bendu Hunter $25
Bill Torbor $500
Bill Torbor and family $100

Total collected $2100
Total $2880

Even though we sent the food for 16
orphanages * $180 (3bags of rice 100 pound
each) = $2880 orphanages/foundations. We
end up feeding 19 orphanages/foundations
and below are the pictures for your viewing.

1. The Liberian Children Rescue and Education
Foundation Orphanage, Bindu Nimeley
2. Artus Frank’s Foundation, Frank Artus
3. Health Page Liberia Inc, Charlesetta William
4. Emma Smith Life Recovery Foundation,
Emma Smith

5. Tabitha Act Of Charity, Soon Prestige Noring
6. Iye Orphanage Issatta Momo
7. Calvary Orphanges Mission, Theophius Kormah
8. Center for the Age/Orphanage, Comfort Denis
9. Jesus Christ Children Ministry International, Martha Kpawolokpala
10. Ma. Eddie Orphange Edith Doe

11. Coalition of children against abuse orphanage Davidetta Tarnue
12. Temple Outreach Orpange Christopher Nagbe
13. Vision for the needed incorporation Christiana J K Stephens

14. Jehovah Iam that I am Ministers Inc. Keturah Musu Kamara
15. Ma Bendu Orphanage , Emma Smith
16. The Destitute Family, Emma Smith

17. Mr. Passawe Orphanage in Grand Cape Mount, Emma Smith
18. Elwuo Orphanage, Emma Smith
19. The Chosen One Ministry, Grace Beyan

171st Liberian Independence Celebration and Reunion, Oakland, CA was a great event. The keynote speaker Artus Frank mentioned unite our community on Liberian Independence Day Celebration, July 26 in Northern California with the Liberia Association of Northern California (LANC) and Association of Citizen & Friends of Liberia (ACFLi) will be great idea because for the past years, we have been having two Liberian Independence Day Celebrations
with LANC and ACFLi. It will help us, if we unite our community and hopefully, LANC and
ACFLi can join hand together and help of us (LITE and other smaller organizations in Northern CA) to celebrate one Liberia Independence Day Celebration in Northern California in 2019 and thereafter. By doing this, we would have raise funds for the organizations (LANC and ACFLi) and send some of the proceeds back to Liberia every year to help our people (Liberians). Together we can make greater changes in our community and do better for
Liberians in Liberia. We (LITE Organization) love working with Frank Artus and we hope to continue working with him in the future because he has a great personality and we appreciates his humanitarian assistance and support toward the orphanages and children
of Liberia. During the event Artus Frank received a humanitarian award from the Liberian Association of Northern California appreciating him for his humanitarian assistance and support toward the orphanages and children in Liberia. The community received 2 awards which was the Pillar of the Community award for all those pioneers who has been in the
community from the 70th, 80th and 90th and building the community. Presidential awards were given to all the presidents who have serve in the community for their dedication and hard work. The cookout was a success and its attendants were great.

Christmas Event
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