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The meeting was postpone in January 2020 and we had the first meeting on Feb 9, 2020.

At our last meeting in November and December, 2019; the Board members mention that we need to come up
with 2020 budget and events for approval before Jan 30, 2020 and it was done.


LITE’s Calendar for 2020

1.  Jan 4, 2020LITE in collaboration with FACES Donating/Reading books to the less privilege
children (70) at the shelter in Stockton, CA - FACES donated the book and teddy.  No extra
expensive  - COMPLETED
2.  January/February 2020-LITE in collaboration of Community Partners in Stockton- Community event.
– Community Partners have covered all expenses just our support. No extra expensive
3. March 2020 – LITE’s Farming project in Liberia on Kakata hillway – Budget $5, 000 to plant rice,
cassava, plantain, okra and other – Bill Torbor is in charge of this project.
4. May 2020- LITE in collaboration with FACES-Act of Service– Hall in Oakland Budget $1000- $2000. 
MOU prepare


5. June 2020 -3 rd  Youth Leadership Seminar in Liberia with Tabitha Act of Charity in collaboration with
LITE organization to empowers them on becoming a great leader and role model and how they can be
achieved.  Budget $300 - $500.
6. July 26, 2020 – 3 rd  Liberian’s Independence Day Feeding of 23 Orphanages/foundation in
Liberia.  Budget $4347 – (donate 3 bags of rice of parboiled $189.99 to feed 23).
7.  August 22, 2020-  2nd Anniversary for LITE organization on Stockton, CA.  Proceeds will be use to
support 23 orphanages with food, clothing, scholarships, farm project, feeding in community, toy drive,
community events.  Budget $3500 -4000 Program - Paul and Albertha Boakai marriage is schedule
for 8/23 so we can change the day to 8/15 or 8/29.
8.    September 2020- 2nd  Scholarships (Tuition payment for the orphans) the orphans in Liberia that live in
the orphanage home.
Budget $2000-$2500
9. November 2020- 2nd  Community feeding in collaboration LITE Org and Liberia organization with
Delano and Community Partners in Stockton, Oakland, Bay point. 
Budget $500
10. December 2020- 2nd  Community Feeding in Stockton and toys Giveaway in collaboration of LITE org
and All Liberia org  and Delano, community partners
Budget - $250-$500


11. December 2020- 3 rd  Christmas Feeding of 23 Orphanages/foundation in Liberia.  Budget $4347-
(donate 3 bags of rice of parboiled $189.99 to feed 23).


Budget $5, 000;    Budget $2000; Budget $500; Budget $4347; Budget $4000 program; Budget
$2500; Budget $500; Budget $500; Budget $4347; Total $22,694


Goal for 2020 LITE ORG

-Due – All Active Members will paid Due, $120 a year or $10 each month
-Registration is open to New Member – Now or Feb 2020
-Regular Meeting will be held one time a month
-When we are having project meeting will be held twice a month
- Start writing grant or make grant proposal for 2020

2nd Anniversary for LITE organization
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