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The History and Accomplishment of 

Liberia Initiative for Transformation & Enlightenment (LITE)

1. LITE was found on March 12, 2017.

2. June 26, 2017, LITE registered with the State of California

3. October 29, 2017, LITE started collecting Dues and Membership fee.

4. Feb. 16, 2018, LITE was granted the 501(c) (3).

5. June 9, 2018, LITE held its first (1ST) project (Leadership Seminar) with Tabitha Act of Charity in Gardnerville, Liberia, empowered 70 youth members in the 15 counties on leadership management skills.

6. July 14, 2018, LITE held its second (2ND) project in San Leandro, CA. Launching of LITE and Inauguration its officers. Also, LITE along with its sponsors were able to feed 19 Orphanages/foundations in Liberia for July 26, 2018 on Liberian Independence Day.

7. August 11, 2018, LITE held its third (3rd) Project in Oakland, CA.  LITE in collaborate with the Liberian Association of Northern California (LANC) on 171st Liberian Independence Day and Reunion.

8. December 15, 2018, LITE is holding its fourth (4th) project in San Leandro, CA. Christmas Event and fundraising to feed 19 orphanages/foundations in Liberia.

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